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To: SI Bob who wrote (20994)6/18/2004 3:06:13 PM
From: Jon Tara   of 31110
I just noticed that MSIE has a similar visual issue with the Log In button, so this may not offer a clue as to what is going on. (That is, MSIE does something similar visually with the button. However, with MSIE the login itself is successful.)

In MSIE, though, instead of a blue rectangle next to the button, you see a grey outline next to the button after you click on it.

That is, you see an outline that is double the width of the button.

FireFox is basically a souped-up Mozilla without all of the extras that many people don't want or need. That is, it is just a browser. No email. No NNTP news. Just a browser.

I like it because it is faster than Mozilla or Netscape, and lacks a lot of the vulnerabilities of MSIE.

The biggest problem is that nobody writes web pages to standards any more. They write them for MSIE.

Firefox does appear to be moving more in the direction of accomodating many of the MSIE quirks...

Javascript should bloat bandwidth. In fact, when used properly, quite the opposite. Unfortunately, there are too many authoring packages that generate awful, repetitive, in-line Javascript. Further, Javascript can reduce server loading and bandwidth by performing many UI tasks locally on the user's computer, avoiding requests and responses, for example, just to update the appearence of a button, or to hide or unhide or enable or disable a button or other UI element.

The proper way to use it is to put commonly used functions or packages of functions in a seperate file, and call the functions from your HTML pages. Don't define the functions in the HTML page or, worse, use inline coding. Similar in concept to using style sheets, which I see SI uses. (And I highly recommend - hope you aren't planning on doing-away with style sheets!)

There are some serious incompatabilities between browsers because of competing DOM models. But fortunately, there are packages of Javascript functions that hide this. Check out DynAPI:
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