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To: Hawkmoon who wrote (134294)5/24/2004 9:14:11 PM
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Hawk, have you ever led men in battle?

Be careful of your accusations.

Quite a few people pointed out why the plan would fall apart. Shinseki. Zinni. Wes Clarke. All before the war. What they predicted is precisely what came to pass. They were ignored, or pummeled by the ideologues. When Shinseki retired last years as Chief of Staff of the Army, not one person from OSD attended the ceremony.

Not only is your hindsight flawed, you continue to view the fiasco through rose colored glasses.

I'm not saying just that this could have been handled better. I'm saying that it is hard to conceive how it could have been handled worse. Bush and the chickenhawks have failed at every level, from the justification for the invasion that was based on lies and wishful thinking, to the abandonment of international convention on prisoners that has stained the honor of our military and our country.

That you are still an apologists for this pack of arrogant fools says much more about you than any noble sentiment you spout here. Men, women and children are dying because of ideological fools like you, and the movement you fear is stronger today than it was a year ago.
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