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To: Dr. Voodoo who wrote (88)9/18/2003 11:19:59 AM
From: Scott C. Lemon  Read Replies (1) of 239
Hello Dr. Voodoo,

I apologize for the delay in replying ... I don't like to post from work, and I've been running crazy the last couple of weeks.

Besides continuing my research projects outside of work - and completing work on my building - I just went to an awesome conference at Stanford University on Accelerating Change.

As for your questions ...

> How many shares of SCO did you get in the acquisition?

I actually didn't get shares. Due to the various SEC regulations and terms of the deal, I'll end up getting a cash bonus along with most of the employees. It's sixes to me since I would have cashed out the shares anyhow ... I've been taught to always attack paying off any debt when you get a "windfall" of any size! ;-)

> Are you being paid to boost their stock price?

I believe that all employees are paid to contribute to the bottom line, and to always work to increase shareholder value. I was specifically put in a position to create an architecture for generating new software and service revenue streams for the company ... hence SCOx. I am also talking with numerous partners and developers about the value of what we are creating, and have even been taking on some involvement in discussions about the future of UNIX and operating systems in general.

If your question is about being a paid "poster" on stock threads ... no. I do all of this on my own time to learn ...

> Do other company executives know you are discussing the
> company on internet message boards?

Yes ... I am always open about what I do. To me, honesty and integrity are two core qualities in being successful. I have worked in the industry for quite a long time, and if you examined my history on the various threads here, you would see a long history of posting from the companies that I worked for ... and as a consultant.

> What do you think of Darl McBride's claims that SCO own's
> Unix?

From an outside viewpoint - before joining SCO - it appeared to me that *something* was sold to SCO ... long before Darl *or* Caldera was involved. It seems that SCO paid millions of dollars to Novell for something ... there is a pretty comprehensive contract with amendments.

I also believe that we live in a democratic society that has a judicial system - with it's set of requirements and procedures - for handling legal disputes and contract litigation. It appears to me that Darl is fulfilling his responsibilities to the shareholders of the company to get to the bottom of these issues.

> When you were studying the whole history of Unix code,
> did you come about that bit of malloc code that was
> released under BSD that would never compile under linux
> that was shown at SCO Forum?

I never did any studying of UNIX code ... just the writings of the various parties involved in the original work. Everything that I read was on a Lucent, or AT&T web site ... or other such writings found through Google. There are some great papers and stories written about the whole process ... by the people who did the work.

I'm really not interested much in the code ... I'm more interested in the conceptual knowledge that can be gained to create higher-level abstracted models of technological evolution. My efforts are to distinguish the key aspects of what comes after operating systems ...

> What exactly are the discussions with SGI about?

I don't know about any discussions with SGI. I've heard their name thrown around in the press, and various media allegations ... other than that I couldn't tell you much. If things like this are going on, they are a part of the SCOSource division ...

> When are SCOX and RHAT gonna square off in court?

I'm not sure ... I have been following the press, and I understand from a friend outside of SCO that there might have been some stuff filed this week. I was not able to verify this yet. From my understanding, all of this type of formal court-related filings has to be public ... so you'll get it when I get it! ;-)

> Wow, so many questions.... so little time.

Great questions ... and as for time, consider the possibility that time is simply a story that we all tell each other. So if "time" is not real, then we have as much of it as we say we have! ;-)

I have to run ... time to get to work on other things ...

Scott C. Lemon
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