Pastimes : The Promises of GOD

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To: David R who wrote (360)9/1/2002 4:39:25 AM
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After simply pointing out to you the extreme sparcity of any known words of Hebrew that are of Egyptian origin
or any in Egyptian from the Hebrew you want to go off on another tirade again David ? You sputter and spat on about some "scholars" out there that would refute this , but
alas there are none . You learn something new every day don't you ?

You don't think it the slightest bit improbable that two such peoples living together for so long as the Hebrews report in their legend under the yoke of the Egyptians , that there would have been some small forms of liguistic exchanges ...but alas there are none. And this seems probable to you ? There are "Biblical Scholars" , but they don't often look at this very glaring fact. Most of what you call the "Old Testament" was really translated and preserved in "Greek" , so you have more to thank to the aryans than you ever realized.

I should think you would want to consult those same Biblical "scholars"... that are still searching for that drunkard Noah , and his Ark. He was a drunkard, you know. A real whale of tale that Ark story is ... and you call other people's religions ignorant and futile & childlike.

And who were the Greeks David ? They were the one people , everyone back during those times love to emulate, copy and try to be as wise as ... and steal their knowledge, art , sciance , philosophy and religion and incorporate it into their own body of myths , knowledge and legend....not your precious ignorant superstitous tribe of "Chosen Ones " and their mad prophets and their fantasies over in Galillea. The Greeks gave the world Democracy , and that is good enough for me and the free world....and the
Universe's ---->true God.

What good has Hinduism done for India?
Does Hinduism have the answers for todays problems? Alcoholism - Drugs- Divorce - Suicide etc.

Hindus are not drunkards David, they don't make alcohol much of any part of their daily life . What planet are you from? You do know that Moslems don't condone drinking alcohol don't you ? Maybe now we can start your education at last with these basics <G>

That is a western Christian bad habit , like the tobacco grown in Virginia , North & South Carolina and such "God Fearing places like that ...and tobacco alone is universally known to be the most deadly drug and killer known to man. Would you also like to hear the story of the "Christian" British that forced the Hindus to grow Opium to smuggle into China , that resulted in millions of poor Chinese becoming wretched opium addicts ? Hindus did not do this willingly , they mostly frown on alcohol and tobacco and drugs in their culture ..what planet are you from again?
And what stereotypical rubbish ----->have you been spoonfed ?
Like to show more ignorance here ? And you with an access to a western education being so "unschooled"?

All the classified and regulated drugs and narcotics we know of on the earth and put all together ,do not even approach 5% the death , desperation & damage done by those two products of tobacco and alcohol. Why don't you go preach that to your choir. Or is that too much in conflict with your own chicken mcnugget fantasy~island religion to be able to accept? Hindus have many problems David , but alcoholism and drugs are not part of them. I hope you are now adept enough to be made aware of this now.

I have answered your questions about some of the ills of India already , and yes they do have many instances in the poorer countrysides of some wife abuse , but India is a far more ancient country than ours with a vast population and extreme poverty , and centuries of abuse by Moslem and Christian invaders , and is changing . You don;t think there is spousal abuse here in America ? It is a universal
problem , and is global . Again, pull your head out of the
your fantasy sandbox.

Tainted or Truth ? You have a hard time with the latter it seems , as well as a very limited imagination . One could point out all manner of abuses far more numerous and horrid done by superstitious, ignorant and violent Christians than by any other group of "believers" the world has ever known . Until , fortunately some sanity
appears in the west in the form of pagan democracy and secularism . Your religion has been an obstacle to God , rather than a help.

Children's crusades & the slaughter of Jerusalem's Moslems numbering 30,000 in one day , 2000 yrs of persecutions of the Jews, the terrible Inquisitions to human slavery right up to almost modern times and the most brutal forms of colonialism, human abuse and unbelievable theft , greed and the cruelest domination.


You think my facts are tainted yet and I'm just spoonfed these biased ideas? They are taught in every University
that is worth anything , on the planet . You must be living in a tiny tiny box somewhere.
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