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To: rudedog who wrote (167309)10/3/2001 10:31:50 AM
From: Fangorn  Read Replies (1) of 176368
You have absolutely no idea of what if any stock I hold. I made no claim about Dell's prospects, I only called someone on a sloppy statement that verged on a lie.

FWIW Of the original position in DELL that I bought in late 96 I have sold at 45, 52, 42, and last July I sold half of the measly 100 shares I had left at 27. If the shares I have left go to zero I will still have quadrupled my original stake. A lot of that went into TYC at about 30 thanks to the a$$hole Tice. Some went into CRA at about 26. Dell was never more than 25% of my portfolio. So much for your boneheaded assessment of my position.

You, like Koligman, seem to revel in pointing out how much smarter you are than others always in hindsight. Even if it were true it is still arrogant and in a word RUDE.

re >By the way, among my holdings, INTC, MSFT, and JBL are about break-even
over the last 36 months, and TYC is up about 50% over that period. DELL is
down to about half of it's value over the same period.So your claim that everything
is down doesn't hold water either. <

What I actually said was "Practically any stock held for the last two or three years (...) is down a lot right now." This of course means down from highs of the last 2 or 3 years, not, as you claim, down from 3 years ago. Even TYC is ~25% off its high. So you distort my statement beyond recognition to claim I am wrong. That makes you deceitful at the very least.

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