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To: Edward Williamson who wrote (387)3/13/2001 11:02:33 AM
From: jjs64  Read Replies (9) of 460
Hey Ed what are YOU doing here, shouldn't you be rotting away in a jail cell. Maybe you need to have your offices moved from Fifth Ave to Rikers Island. I am sure a CRIM like you who STEALS and SCAMS and KILLS would be right at home in Rikers.

And yet, after being exposed for the piece of FILTH that you are, you still come here to question the motive of the Truthseeker. Last time I checked The Truthseeker did not MURDER anyone. The Truthseeker was not NABBED in an FBI and SEC CRACKDOWN on FRAUDSTERS.

MSNBC and Bloomberg have run stories EXPOSING YOU, not him.

Last time I checked, Ed, Judge Wesley Brown did not FREEZE the assets of the Truthseeker. He froze YOUR assets.

Ed you have been exposed for the piece of slime that you are. Why not scurry back into your rat infested hole and live out your remaining pathetic years there. You will never be able to SCAM again, because the world knows about YOU. Thanks to The Truthseeker, you're days of stock scamming are OVER. Now if only New York State could reinstate the Stocks as a form of punishment, cause I am sure everyone you scammed would love to see you humiliated in public...and where Truthseeker, and I would watch, LAUGHING.

Buyer Beware!
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