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To: rtt who wrote (3997)3/1/2000 8:26:00 PM
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Bravo to Bill Stoddard and his staff!!!!

Spoke with Bill today and thoroughly enjoyed the conversation. I have kept in touch with him the past three years and can honestly say that the company's marketing strategy is focused and changed for the better.

For those of you that are long time investors you may recall such headlines as "Ecoli solution close at hand and Space age polymer ready for market..." Several of the slogans were made too early and resulted in a lot of negative press for Stoddard and the company. I specifically remember a man, who is no longer employed by First Financial (a principle backer of Cyclopss) that was hyping the stock then shorting it to put money in his own pocket. He was a money manager in Dallas who was in short a very shallow person with an extremely inflated opinion of his worth. He did more damage by printing baloney than facts. My favorite was "Hold on woman...contracts close at hand" what a bunch of bunk. Anyway the point I am trying to make is that Cyclopss is on the verge of making many things happen and we will read about it in a press release when it's a done deal. No more hype and baloney. Stoddard is running a tight ship and doing it right. Never before have I felt so confident about this group. Stoddard is in charge and is leading Cyclopss! No doubt about it.

The first step is similar to what Bill Gates did with IBM and Microsoft. He got a company with a well known label to back his product or license it. He then developed more products until the global economy adjusted their old paradigms and recognized the PC for what it was worth.

Cyclopss is no longer releasing news unless it is factual. What we see is what we get and once again Bill Stoddard is in the CEO position. Believe me, it is a position he does not want to be in. Why you may ask? Because he is a scientist and not a marketing strategist. He may think this but I know that he has learned a ton and is the best thing going for the company.

My phone call today was one to Cheer Him On and to let him know that as a fellow stock holder, I am proud of how he has grown with the company.

I will never hype this stock and will only print the facts as I know them to be. But one thing is for sure, the new marketing strategy being employed by Stoddard will yield income for the company and new marketing partners.


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