Technology Stocks : Electric Lightwave (ELIX)

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To: BuzzVA who wrote (73)12/27/1999 10:33:00 PM
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I can't really say why this board died. I know that most of the company folks (ELI'ers) use the Yahoo board instead. I've noticed that it is very active. My feelings are that the SI board in general has a much higher quality if knowledgeable investors without as much hype and unqualified rumors as the Yahoo board. However, since there is little information here, I have been forced to use Yahoo instead.

I think the company is going to go through great changes within the next year starting in 3-4 months. There are a lot of questions about the Citizens telecom unit and how it can be integrated into ELI. Many questions also about the specific product lines of ELI and Citizens Telecom. Local Dial Tone, Long Distance & Toll Free, Frame Relay, Internet, ATM and Private Line. My opinion would be that ELI would keep those products that are considered by investors as an acceptable loss - such as Internet service. However, this may not be the case with products such as Local Dial Tone, Long Distance and Toll Free.

What do you think?

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