Technology Stocks : Copytele - Another XEROX in future
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To: Chartgod who wrote (1301)6/25/1999 3:40:00 PM
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Does anyone follow the COPY thread on Yahoo. For some real entertainment I suggest you go there and read some of the drivel they post about this non-company. Our old friend keng is there, as wellas a few others that were here but it is hard to exactly figure who is who. There is a Goresux and a copysux, there isa long named carolinaheel that posts his name on the board and then get made that people repeat it or send him emails. There is gazillions ...who despite having many shares is just having fun watching his value erode and the management continue to deludeand dilute him. There arte even a couple of celebrities there you have Helen Keller who seems to know a little about FPD's and Mike Tyson. There is Ernest T. Bass and Floyd the Barber. Even cult leader Jim Jones from Jonestown is there, which is appropriate since COPY is nothing if it is not a cult of shareholders. The funny part is JJoJ is a nay towards COPY.

There they beleive that every non-supportive poster (and there are many) are the same person. They see a conspiracy within management as well. That may have some basis since management seems to have one task in mind and that is exercise more options to print more shares and make more money for themselves.
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