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To: Lou Farrell who wrote (2770)6/17/1999 10:58:00 PM
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I think that if Stock Detective had received any truly confidential information from a source they would do all they could to protect that source. I'm sure i've watched too many movies of the week but it seems like it would be very difficult for ZSUN to force Stock Detective to give up a source in a civil trial.
As far as your drivel about NITE and a conflict of interest, get real. If Fahnstock or the Fiero's owned a piece of Stock Detective then maybe you have something, as it's pretty evident from the OTCBB link that Auric posted(#2733) and past reputation, that they're short the stock. NITE? No way in hell, just sucker retail accounts dumb enough to believe the PR and Veritas early news leak hype. Talk all of the crap you want but NITE just makes it's money on the spreads on these turds, they're not in it making a market unless a customer places a buy or a sell through them forcing them to.
Again, ZSUN would have to prove that NITE, one of, if not the biggest, in terms of volume, market makers on the Nasdaq, much less the OTCBB, is plotting to short some lil pissant reverse merger POS stock. That's too funny. And us bashers are supposed to be the ones with the conspiracy theory. The whole damn world is out to get poor lil ol ZSUN and it's so unfair. It's so innocent and pure as the driven slush(as ZZ TOPP would say).
Mr. Burns
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