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Golf! A thread for the hopelessly addicted!242%Pastimes
34 minutes ago
Kirk's Market Thoughts 224%Non-Tech
2 hours ago
ASML Holding NV184%Technology Stocks
5 hours ago
McEwen Mining 183%Gold/Mining/Energy
31 minutes ago
Liberalism: Do You Agree We've Had Enough of It?175%Politics
4 hours ago
Taking Advantage of a Sharply Changing Environment 170%Strategies & Market Trends
33 minutes ago
Research Frontiers (REFR)164%Technology Stocks
4 minutes ago
Clown-Free Zone... sorry, no clowns allowed147%Pastimes
9 hours ago
CFZ E-Wiggle Workspace138%Strategies & Market Trends
41 seconds ago
A Real American President: Donald Trump137%Politics
49 minutes ago
Humble1 and Swing Trading Friends 130%Strategies & Market Trends
3 hours ago
The Donald Trump Presidency129%Politics
6 hours ago
Sioux Nation116%Politics
an hour ago
World Outlook114%Strategies & Market Trends
3 hours ago
The Trump Presidency 113%Politics
13 minutes ago
Gold Price Monitor109%Gold/Mining/Energy
7 hours ago
Tell a joke - anything goes98%Pastimes
6 hours ago
A Hard Look At Donald Trump 97%Politics
an hour ago
Dutch Central Bank Sale Announcement Imminent?95%Politics
an hour ago
Left Wing Democratic Porch 88%Politics
47 minutes ago
The Electric Car, or MPG "what me worry?" 87%Technology Stocks
3 hours ago
Buy and Sell Signals, and Other Market Perspectives87%Strategies & Market Trends
7 minutes ago
Formerly About Advanced Micro Devices85%Politics
4 minutes ago
View from the Center and Left 76%Politics
an hour ago
2026 TeoTwawKi ... 2032 Darkest Interregnum72%Strategies & Market Trends
8 minutes ago
The Exxon Free Environmental Thread 66%Politics
11 AM
Tesla EVs - TSLA 63%Technology Stocks
3 hours ago
Politics for Pros- moderated62%Politics
22 minutes ago
Technology Stocks & Market Talk With Don Wolanchuk61%Technology Stocks
43 minutes ago
The Philosophical Porch 58%Pastimes
Rat's Nest - Chronicles of Collapse50%Politics
10 AM
Franklin, Andrews, Kramer & Edelstein 47%Non-Tech
7 hours ago
AMD, ARMH, INTC, NVDA 41%Technology Stocks
7 hours ago
Da_cheifs vomitorium 38%Pastimes
3 hours ago
Politics of Energy 38%Politics
7 hours ago
Anything graphite based, CCB, Zen and hopefully much more. 36%Gold/Mining/Energy
8 hours ago
Ride the Tiger with CD34%Strategies & Market Trends
8 hours ago
Dividend investing for retirement 34%Strategies & Market Trends
3 hours ago
Diabetic Kitchen 33%Pastimes
7 hours ago
Qualcomm Moderated Thread - please read rules before posting32%Technology Stocks
39 minutes ago

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