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The 2nd Amendment-- The Facts........arno9836    Thursday2
The View From the Centreaverage joe1134    August 251
Did the Great Experiment Fail?average joe925    May 81
Just the Facts, Ma'am: A Compendium of Liberal FictionBill90702    Thursday6
Obama Joke ThreadBill536    Tuesday41
The Clown-Free Bible Study ZoneBox-By-The-Riviera™1933    August 28
I voted for Obama!Broken_Clock38    September 91
Politics of EnergyBrumar8959996    yesterday 4021
WarCarolyn22558    September 13
President Barack ObamaChinuSFO146672    yesterday 2502
Draft Hillary Rodham Clinton for President: 2016ChinuSFO350    Monday32
USA Provokes Russia into War Against GeorgiaCrashJPMorgan6879    May 81
World OutlookDon Green14404    yesterday 18
Peak Oil reality or Myth, of an out of Control Systemdvdw©1177    October 23
View from the Center and Leftepicure263159    4 hours ago350
Election Fraud ReportsFarmboy1709    Thursday13
Foreign Affairs Discussion GroupFaultLine281215    yesterday 31
Mainstream Politics and Economicsgamesmistress58898    yesterday 786
Politics for Conservativesgoldworldnet40584    6 hours ago5127
The Obama DisasterGROUND ZERO™95053    5 hours ago473
Attack Iraq?GROUND ZERO™8683    June 161
Foreign Policy Discussion ThreadHawkmoon11432    Tuesday121
Let's Talk About the WarIlaine486    June 191
Impeach Hillary Clintonjlallen486    September 28
Right Wing Extremist Threadjlallen59478    August 7
Describe the Current Administration in One Wordjlallen126    May 151
BuSabJorj X Mckie22540    8 hours ago163
Manmade Global Warming, A hoax? A Scam? or a Doomsday Cult?Jorj X Mckie4147    yesterday 21
How Quickly Can Obama Totally Destroy the US?joseffy12007    7 hours ago1034
The Solyndra Scandaljoseffy1236    yesterday 61
Fast and Furious-----Obama/Holder Gun Running Scandaljoseffy734    Thursday2
Obama Asks Americans To Observe Flag Day "With Pride"joseffy241    Sunday3
The Lynching of Mr. Cainjoseffy124    June 16
US Government Attack on Gibson Guitarjoseffy224    June 71
Canadian Political Free-for-AllKitskid17065    Wednesday141
The Environmentalist ThreadLand Shark35802    Monday3
Politics for Pros- moderatedLindyBill565711    3 minutes ago5216
Military Strategy BoardLindyBill2995    13 minutes ago551
Irrelevant/ignoreLTK00746    Tuesday11
Moneymade's Champagne RoomM0NEYMADE4694    May 71
Global Warming Free Energy Threadmiraje51    Thursday133
Obama and Michelle's Shocking Spending SpreesMJ533    August 1
What is Agenda 21Neeka101    October 17
American Presidential Politics and foreign affairsPeter Dierks70911    3 hours ago281
A US National Health Care System?Peter Dierks38351    yesterday 1731
The JudiciaryPeter Dierks712    October 22
Socialized Education - Is there abetter way?Peter Dierks1214    October 8
The Truth About IslamProud_Infidel19295    6 hours ago15
The Supreme Court, All Right or All Wrong?sandintoes2880    July 6
WAR on Terror. Will it engulf the Entire Middle East?Scoobah32410    Tuesday4
Politics for Honest Conservativessense533    6 hours ago241
The Pendulum Swing...Liberals feel the Winds of ChangeShoot1st663    May 282
Sioux NationSiouxPal259811    4 hours ago3193
Welcome to Slider's DugoutSliderOnTheBlack27412    July 11
Sarah Palin for President 2008Smiling Bob166    August 21
Stockman Scott's Political Debate PorchSOROS89461    May 61
Hillary 2016newStockDung0    October 18
Kathleen Willey blasts Hillary's 'dead broke' claimStockDung0    June 14
Obama: Do You Agree We've Had Enough of Him?TideGlider174806    7 hours ago5916
The CastleTimF7297    Monday2
The Exxon Free Environmental ThreadWharf Rat22390    yesterday 82
Rat's Nest - Chronicles of CollapseWharf Rat16188    yesterday 20
Formerly About Advanced Micro Devices 814602    4 hours ago14413
Evolution 61680    7 hours ago4191
Dutch Central Bank Sale Announcement Imminent? 49947    yesterday 33
GOPwinger Lies/Distortions/Omissions/Perversions of Truth 173356    Monday242
Libertarian Discussion Forum 10157    Sunday113
Did Slick Boink Monica? 20979    October 23
DON'T START THE WAR 25892    October 91
the FADG Insult Annex 43    September 30
Bush-The Mastermind behind 9/11? 19997    September 13
Where Were You on 9/11? 637    September 111
The Kerry Defender 334    August 142
Idea Of The Day 50167    June 191
Bill Clinton Scandal - SANITY CHECK 67256    May 6

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