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The 2nd Amendment-- The Facts........arno9953    Saturday5
Canada@The HotStove Clubaxial172    yesterday 5
Just the Facts, Ma'am: A Compendium of Liberal FictionBill90852    last Thursday1
Obama Joke ThreadBill558    May 21
Michael Moore Is a Big Fat IdiotBill1408    February 15
The Clown-Free Bible Study ZoneBox-By-The-Riviera™1961    April 29
A Hard Look At Donald TrumpBrumar893477    25 minutes ago1535
Politics of EnergyBrumar8970739    an hour ago751
Death of the Republican partyByGoneYrs7    April 226
WarCarolyn22674    June 16
Hillary Rodham Clinton for President 2016ChinuSFO830    June 41
President Barack ObamaChinuSFO149233    April 12
World OutlookDon Green15528    6 hours ago291
Peak Oil reality or Myth, of an out of Control Systemdvdw©1332    4 hours ago1
View from the Center and Leftepicure303131    19 minutes ago7121
Election Fraud ReportsFarmboy1727    March 6
Foreign Affairs Discussion GroupFaultLine281343    May 151
Mainstream Politics and Economicsgamesmistress66988    6 hours ago101
Donald Trump is a fraud and a Con Artist - not a conservativgreenspirit4    March 256
Margaret Sanger's Eugenic Legacy of Death, Disease, DepravitGreg or e498    14 minutes ago6
The Donald Trump PresidencyGROUND ZERO™10887    5 minutes ago1279
The Obama DisasterGROUND ZERO™103120    8 hours ago91
Foreign Policy Discussion ThreadHawkmoon11828    last Thursday21
Donald Will Trump Hillary ClintonHoney_bee4784    6 minutes ago29514
Politics for ConservativesJ.B.C.77474    27 minutes ago2453
BuSabJorj X Mckie23044    June 13
Manmade Global Warming, A hoax? A Scam? or a Doomsday Cult?Jorj X Mckie4307    February 161
How Quickly Can Obama Totally Destroy the US?joseffy16546    March 10
Canadian Political Free-for-AllKitskid18344    6 hours ago2
The Environmentalist ThreadLand Shark36025    June 9
Politics for Pros- moderatedLindyBill601846    10 minutes ago4838
Military Strategy BoardLindyBill6003    6 hours ago445
Irrelevant/ignoreLTK00772    April 27
Bernie Sanders 2016Metacomet1316    13 minutes ago512
Libertarian Discussion Forummiraje11590    yesterday 42
Global Warming Free Energy Threadmiraje84    May 30
Obama and Michelle's Shocking Spending SpreesMJ547    June 1
What is Agenda 21Neeka117    January 20
A US National Health Care System?Peter Dierks40974    an hour ago14
The JudiciaryPeter Dierks758    May 26
Socialized Education - Is there abetter way?Peter Dierks1298    May 15
American Presidential Politics and foreign affairsPeter Dierks71564    April 27
The Truth About IslamProud_Infidel19952    yesterday 11
Kristi Noem for Presidentrichardred1    April 271
The Supreme Court, All Right or All Wrong?sandintoes2926    June 12
WAR on Terror. Will it engulf the Entire Middle East?Scoobah32584    January 12
Politics for Honest Conservativessense2164    March 23
Modern Military Affairssense269    February 20
Sioux NationSiouxPal291737    7 minutes ago3533
CFZ E-wave - politicsskinowski43    April 11
Welcome to Slider's DugoutSliderOnTheBlack27818    last Thursday73
The United States election--and the next First Lady?Solon107    May 14
100% Proof Hillary Clinton will do anything for money threadStockDung4    January 262
Bernie Sanders Comedy Message Board 2016StockDung0    January 22
Oil prices boosted with Saudi Arabia-Iran tensions over Shi'SuriJohn0    January 4
Obama: Do You Agree We've Had Enough of Him?TideGlider191966    2 hours ago785
The CastleTimF7482    June 13
Rat's Nest - Chronicles of CollapseWharf Rat17900    an hour ago29
The Exxon Free Environmental ThreadWharf Rat31701    4 hours ago533
Formerly About Advanced Micro Devices 943139    2 minutes ago15586
CCB vs ZEN truth board 7865    2 hours ago1224
Dutch Central Bank Sale Announcement Imminent? 53813    2 hours ago31
Zenyatta Free Speech Board 9885    8 hours ago551
Trump Victory in the Republican Primary 870    yesterday 22
Evolution 69135    Saturday9
Hillary Clinton 2016 64    Saturday213
Help Donald Trump create an America Both SAFE and GREAT!new 157    last Monday12
GOPwinger Lies/Distortions/Omissions/Perversions of Truth 173956    May 24
Global warming, a liberal, socialist scam ? 2    May 3
Bush-The Mastermind behind 9/11? 20016    March 12

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