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The Trump Presidencybentway36557    13 minutes ago18344
Formerly About Advanced Micro Devices 1031358    32 minutes ago10534
View from the Center and Leftepicure349818    6 minutes ago8297
A Real American President: Donald TrumpHoney_Bee44881    22 minutes ago7843
Politics for Pros- moderatedLindyBill642198    an hour ago3403
Liberalism: Do You Agree We've Had Enough of It?Sedohr Nod202313    10 minutes ago2214
Politics for ConservativesJ.B.C.99769    23 minutes ago1962
Fake NewsFUBHO3026    12 minutes ago1851
Sioux NationSiouxPal304528    an hour ago127
The Exxon Free Environmental ThreadWharf Rat35974    2 hours ago1211
A Hard Look At Donald TrumpBrumar8910613    8 hours ago87
The Donald Trump PresidencyGROUND ZERO™26751    7 hours ago706
Left Wing Democratic PorchRarebird1214    3 minutes ago434
Politics of EnergyBrumar8978986    8 hours ago39
Military Strategy BoardLindyBill8007    26 minutes ago271
World OutlookDon Green16963    5 hours ago231
Rat's Nest - Chronicles of CollapseWharf Rat18684    2 hours ago191
Mainstream Politics and Economicsgamesmistress72455    6 hours ago172
Muslims Gone MadJames Seagrove565    last Friday14
Margaret Sanger's Eugenic Legacy of Death, Disease, DepravitGreg or e928    last Friday14
Dutch Central Bank Sale Announcement Imminent? 55754    60 minutes ago13
BuSabJorj X Mckie23541    11 AM132
Hillary Clinton 2016 1430    last Tuesday10
Libertarian Discussion Forummiraje11848    Sunday5
A US National Health Care System?Peter Dierks41992    last Tuesday5
A New Conservative MovementBrumar89116    yesterday 3
Socialized Education - Is there abetter way?Peter Dierks1342    yesterday 21
Evolution 69286    last Saturday21
Peak Oil reality or Myth, of an out of Control Systemdvdw©1364    yesterday 1
The CastleTimF7536    Sunday1
Canada - Friend or FoeJames Seagrove155    Sunday1
Canadian Political Free-for-AllKitskid18489    Sunday11
The 2nd Amendment-- The Facts........arno9972    last Friday1
The JudiciaryPeter Dierks774    last Friday1
Foreign Policy Discussion ThreadHawkmoon11918    September 111
Just the Facts, Ma'am: A Compendium of Liberal FictionBill90920    September 10
The Truth About IslamProud_Infidel20106    September 8
WarCarolyn22727    September 7
Welcome to Slider's DugoutSliderOnTheBlack27933    September 6
Bernie Sanders 2016Metacomet1836    September 5
$20 Trillion in debt and more tax cuts? When will it end?newzzpat0    September 1
"There Was Blood Coming Out of Her Whatever"newzzpat0    August 31
The Environmentalist ThreadLand Shark36100    August 31
The abortion issue: pro-choice vs. anti-abortionEvil Speculator (tm)279    August 281
Posters on SIsandeep273    August 22

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