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Binance / BNBBNB10.86+9.0%zax26    March 14
Golden Leaf GLH or GLDFfGLH0.295+5.4%Rocket Red1185    March 8
Hemp based foods from Naturally Splendid Enterprises Ltd.NSP0.245+2.1%pocotrader159    March 8
Speculating in Takeover TargetsCPB42.87+1.8% 4827    3 hours ago111
The Residential Real Estate Crash Index$HGX320.610.0% 306828    5 hours ago1
Can you beat 50% per month?NNLX0.0250-0.4%Smiling Bob17009    4 hours ago91
E-Wave and TA Workspace$SPX2,632-0.5%Henry J Costanzo209156    last Saturday44
Zman Market Timing$SPX2,632-0.5%zman6915224    3 hours ago43
Catch_As_Catch_Can Charts and Other StuffSPY262.39-0.5%kokoro33148    yesterday 1
Technical analysis for shorts & longsSPY262.39-0.5% 52800    March 21
disney!!! (DIS)DIS100.05-0.5% 2148    March 14
BitcoinBTC8,584-0.7%Jorj X Mckie683    4 hours ago61
Zillow -- An online real estate centerZ55.13-0.8% 27    March 6
Stock Watcher's Thread / Pix of the Week (POW)SBHGF23.85-1.2%Stock Watcher51639    yesterday 61
News Links and Chart LinksSPXL41.04-1.6%Les H24730    yesterday 11
BlockchainETH522.37-2.1%Glenn Petersen649    yesterday 185
smallcap risk reward potentialSYN0.369-2.2%ACAN1948    Wednesday5
Market Trends & Market Chatter (Investment Ideas)AMHPF0.616-3.6%toccodolce3188    2 hours ago221
"Whisper Numbers"drmicrocap198    March 2
2026 TeoTwawKi ... 2032 Darkest InterregnumTobagoJack140208    8 minutes ago151
50% Gains InvestingMark Mandel118673    yesterday 1
ahhaha's ahsahhaha24720    Wednesday3
Anthony @ Equity Investigations, Dear Anthony,scion121716    3 AM9
Beat The Street With SI TradersRocket Red197879    5 hours ago492
Buffettology 4614    February 26
Buy and Sell Signals, and Other Market PerspectivesGROUND ZERO™103390    9 minutes ago30010
CEF and ETFJulius Wong1471    March 10
CFZ E-Wiggle Workspaceskinowski27419    yesterday 415
Charts for Breakout IIJulius Wong7229    5 hours ago6
Currents of Currency 579    Tuesday2
Daytrading stocks and futuresRon5724    March 6
Deep ValueLeo Fisher4    March 6
Dino's Bar & Grill 41874    37 minutes ago11
Dividend investing for retirementSteve Felix28903    yesterday 152
Effective Collaboration - Team Research for Better Returns:Return to Sender5540    Monday11
Fidelity FundsJulius Wong11348    March 11
Fidelity Select FundsJulius Wong4947    March 11
Free Float Trading/ Portfolio Development/ Index Stategiesdvdw©3815    Wednesday2
Fundamental Value Investingbruwin4297    February 271
Gorilla and King Portfolio Candidates 54803    February 24
Greater China StocksJulius Wong8272    February 26
Humble1 and Swing Trading Friendshumble128396    53 minutes ago323
Income Taxes and Record Keeping ( tax ) 5696    Tuesday41
John P's Market LaboratoryJohn P20935    5 hours ago61
Low Price/Cash Ratio Value Stocks 1782    March 6
Market Thoughts and Tradeshawkeyefan1094    yesterday 262
Natural Resource Stocksisopatch93980    3 hours ago224
Option Strategiesrobert b furman1932    yesterday 1
Picks of the quarterATHRTaro20241    March 4
Point and Figure Charting 30172    an hour ago292
Quantum Economics.......2012 and Beyonddvdw©726    yesterday 2
REITS - Buying 1 - 2 weeks before going ex-dividend 2561    March 6
Ride the Tiger with CDralfph257840    13 minutes ago2524
Stock calls for fun - take this seriously at your riskIvan Inkling28    March 6
Ted Warren's Investolator 48    March 13
The 56 Point TA; Charts With an Attitude 52559    yesterday 12
The coming US dollar crisisReal Man61184    9 minutes ago671
The Financial Collapse of 2001 Unwindingelmatador757    1 AM92
The New Economy and its WinnersBill Harmond57640    March 12
The Residential Real Estate Post-Crash Index-ModeratedHGXpatron_anejo_por_favor109021    14 seconds ago39
Timing the Trade the Wyckoff Waycoferspeculator14175    yesterday 2
True face of China -- A Modern KaleidoscopeRealMuLan12335    February 22
Underexposed Canadian StocksUnderexposed38    last Friday1
Underexposed Technical AnalysisUnderexposed315    Wednesday41
Universal basic income (UBI)Glenn Petersen174    Tuesday65
US Inflation and What To Do About Itmindmeld782    8 hours ago4
Value InvestingPaul Senior60592    7 minutes ago604
Waiting for the big Kahuna 94612    February 25
Winter in the Great White Northmarcos8103    March 6
Wolfgangrene's chartswolfgangrene3740    Tuesday3
World OutlookDon Green18208    39 minutes ago361

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