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ARMF (Armanino Foods of Distinction)AMNF2.200.0% 39    April 19
ARD.V - Armada Data CorporationARD20.91+0.3%JRod7722    June 271
Pirates With AttitudesCYTR0.449+3.2% 284    August 10
Decision Diagnostics Corp (OTC: DECN)DECN0.065+11.9% 259    July 19
Magor CorperationDICK TMpocotrader625    July 19
Fuse Science, Inc.DROP0.0018+20.0%Stocktamer151    June 17
edig (e.Digital )EDIG0.0031-11.4%Savant1644    August 4
FNJN cyber security patent debt great potentialFNJN2.31-1.7%wallstreeter21    July 27
GTI.C - Glenbriar TechnologiesGTI.CJRod7711    August 8
Haber Inc.HABEd:oug817    June 20
Turtle Beach CorpHEAR0.8321-0.9%Savant185    September 6
Hannover House, Inc. (HHSE)HHSE0.0148-0.7% 154    May 24
International Automated SystemsIAUS0.180.0%TEDennis3767    2 hours ago163
IGPK Integrated Cannabis SolutionsIGPK0.0025-3.8%oldno70    May 3
iTeknik Holding Corporation (ITKH)ITKH.PKroger wilco82    yesterday 3
LLLI - Lamperd Less Lethal Inc.LLLI.PKjmhollen107    August 8
Lightwave Logic, Inc.LWLG1.45+13.3%caly1754    2 hours ago1
Mi-Pay (MPAY) 5.5 Billion smartphone devices in use by 2019MPAY0.050.0%miningoz1    July 21
Naked Shorting-Hedge Fund & Market Maker manipulation?NSS0.060.0%rrufff5034    March 29
NXT-ID, Inc.NXTD0.410.0%roger wilco109    May 24
PEN IncPENC1.400.0%donpat176    July 26
Photonstar Led (PSL) IBM Watson Internet of Things (IoT) PlaPSL60.86-0.2%miningoz6    July 31
QTMM - Quantum Materials CorpQTMM0.0789-1.3%ih8aloss2    September 5
Research Frontiers Lonely Hearts Club Thread.REFR1.20-0.8%StockDung20    July 18
SEVU: New Invention of Great Potential...SEVU 1992    July 8
StrikeForce TechnologiesSFOR0.0091+4.6%JW@KSC1125    5 hours ago131
SMS.V - Sustainco Inc.newSMS.VJRod770    September 8
Pareteum Corporation (TEUM)TEUM0.140.0% 63    April 27
Telos (TLSRP) preferredTLSRP11.000.0% 177    June 23
TNA.V - Evergreen Gaming Corporation (Casino & Restaurant)TNA.VJRod779    September 7
Zia Sun(zsun)ZSUN 10320    July 16
Angel Investor's NetworkHawkmoon67    June 29
Bottom Fish Stocks (Between .05 and $5)Catfish1249    an hour ago20
jerseyfish penny stocksJerseyfish1852    5 AM7
Let's Get NAKd 11    April 101
Microcap Kitchen Canadian Stocksdiddlysquatz47452    an hour ago131
Pennies Arent Deadgumzsa33366    an hour ago522
Rat dog micro-cap picks...Bucky Katt47420    an hour ago4
The Microcap BasementCoz4305    August 1
The Microcap Kitchen: Stocks 5¢ to $5Coz119159    2 hours ago1
Zenyatta VS Canada Carbon BoardNuclearCrystals598    June 201

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