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Microcap Kitchen Canadian Stocksdiddlysquatz26385    an hour ago24515
Pennies Arent Deadgumzsa18889    4 hours ago1091
The Microcap Kitchen: Stocks 5¢ to $5Coz114981    10 AM402
Brisio Innovations Inc.BZI0.200.0%Acton648    2 hours ago39
Stock Pumpersroger wilco821    4 hours ago19
jerseyfish penny stocksJerseyfish574    4 hours ago15
Naked Shorting-Hedge Fund & Market Maker manipulation?NSS27.00-0.7%rrufff4985    yesterday 11
International Automated SystemsIAUS0.42+2.4%TEDennis2447    9 AM7
NXT-ID, Inc.NXTD3.83-2.0%roger wilco76    yesterday 5
Test BoardPGOOTestAccount31b202    last Saturday3
Lightwave Logic, Inc.LWLG0.98+2.7%caly1708    7 AM2
Rat dog micro-cap picks...Bucky Katt46792    last Friday21
MCZ (Mad Catz Interactive)MCZ0.62-0.8% 31    8 AM1
edig (e.Digital )EDIG0.04-4.9%Pamela Murray1356    yesterday 1
The Microcap BasementCoz4150    last Friday1
InstaCare Corp. ISCRDECN0.22+4.7% 85    last Thursday1
IGNE IGENE BIOTECHNOLIGNE0.000.0% 208    last Tuesday1
Zia Sun(zsun)ZSUN 10267    July 14
APPnewAPP1.09-6.0%saints1222    July 141
Hipcricket, IncHIPP0.130.0%JakeStraw7    July 11
ZLUE - Zulu Energy CorpZLUE0.020.0%penny builder6    July 101
USA TechnologiesUSAT2.15+2.4% 330    July 9
APNT - Applied Nanotech Holdings, Inc. (Bulls Board)APNT0.04+2.6%donpat131    July 8
IJJP Corp.IJJP0.000.0%fxsho2008596    July 2
Fuse Science, Inc.DROP0.00-14.8%Stocktamer140    June 30
RTXB Republic of Texas BrandsRTXB.PKroger wilco84    June 27
PLNI - Game OverPLNIQ 12514    June 26
Patriot Scientific - PTSCPTSC0.04-6.5% 8568    June 23
UMeWorld LimitedUMEWF0.200.0%roger wilco7    June 23

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