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KITCO - Gold discussionGLD125.64-0.3%Trinovant988    June 1636
Zenyatta Free Speech BoardZEN 11104    4 minutes ago46210
CCB vs ZEN truth boardZEN.VZengold10068    yesterday 456
CXO Colorado ResourcesRocket Red26    May 96
Evolving Gold Corp. (EVG.V)EVGTheSlowLane363    September 214
Best Free Websites to Research Mining & Oil Company Stocksgrusum87    May 154
Plastics to Oil - Pyrolysis and Secret Catalysts and Alternascion51035    38 minutes ago323
The Zenyatta Information BoardZEN1.28-0.8%Glorieux10345    3 hours ago2093
McEwen MiningMUX3.67-3.2%JW@KSC16527    yesterday 383
Big Dog's Boom Boom RoomBig Dog197234    yesterday 213
Canadian Diamond Play CafiRocket Red13926    3 hours ago782
Gold Price MonitorRarebird103260    3 hours ago272
Mining News of NoteLoneClone118061    yesterday 672
Chesapeake Energy CHKCHK6.27+2.5% 723    August 312
Liberty Star Uranium and Metals Corp.LBSR0.0022-8.3%Valuepro536    2 minutes ago151
Zenyatta Ventures Ltd. - ZEN.VZEN1.28-0.8%Rocket Red8169    yesterday 501
Inventus Mining Corp - IVSGNGXF0.1506+0.7%StemuliteWorks304    yesterday 101
Stateside's Canadian Core and Barrel Shackstatesidereport8867    Thursday331
Exxon Mobil (XOM)XOM87.28+0.9% 446    Thursday11
The Graphite BlogLLG1.45+0.7%stuffbug1622    Monday11
Zonte Metals TSXV:ZONZON0.0750.0%Ron Struthers60    Monday21
BHP Billiton (BHP)BHP34.65+0.7% 62    September 201
Diamonds are forevernewCayerman2    September 201
Freeport McMoran (FCX)FCX10.86+1.6% 137    September 141
Great Lakes GraphiteGLK0.080.0%DeMauroTrader431    September 131
PEAK OIL - The New Y2K or The Beginning of the Real End?SOROS1183    September 71
AgriumAGU90.69-0.1% 158    September 21
CGI Group (GIB.A) -GIB. 1673    September 11
Asher Resources (ACN)Rocket Red3510    July 251
Gear International Inc, (GEAR)GEAR0.00010.0%JPValas1    July 231
Strike Minerals STRK CDN 56    July 191
CCB Free Speech BoardCCB0.275-6.8%Luvin_It524    June 81
Blue Chip Gold Stocks HM, NEM, ASA, ABX, PDGGOX 48090    May 201
Empire Capital agreement for 30 Newfoundland claimsEPMbcjt3    April 271
Eden EnergyEDNE 151    April 271
Timberline ResourcesTLRsense104    April 251
"real environmentalism"whitepine43    April 181
eMAX HoldingsEMXCJerseyfish11    April 181
PCFG Pacific Gold corp. OTCPCFG0.00010.0% 0    April 171
Uranium StocksURA13.04+0.3%TheSlowLane17347    3 hours ago2
Copper Fox"& MORE"louel10346    5 hours ago14
2016 Stock Picking Contestdara402    12 AM7
Sudbury Saturday Night -- Nickel Mining & Nickel PricesLoneClone6598    yesterday 2
Canadian Oil & Gas CompaniesLoneClone23505    yesterday 14
Orbite AluminaeORT0.44-2.2%Rex Havoc6494    yesterday 3
Le coin des prospecteursjpthoma125101    yesterday 19
Rare Earth Elements and Exotic MetalsLoneClone12440    yesterday 11
Yukon Gold Rush IITheSlowLane2124    yesterday 2
Gold Rush: NevadaTheSlowLane1002    yesterday 2
Chesapeake GoldCKG5.24-0.2%klinker7737    yesterday 3
GoldQuest Mining Corp gqc.vmarcos123    Thursday1
Silver Bull Resources, Inc.SVB0.1850.0%TheSlowLane5323    Thursday1
Gold and Silver Juniors, Mid-tiers and ProducersLoneClone76163    Thursday10
Teuton ResourcesTUO0.26+6.1% 206    Tuesday1
Almonty Industries Inc.AII.VSultan404    Monday2
Sarissa Resources, Inc. (SRSR)SRSR0.0080.0%JPValas7376    Monday22
BGMRocket Red66    Monday1
Gran Colombia Resources Inc (TSE.GRM)GRM1.480.0% 302    Monday5
SunEdison - Terraform Power - Terraform Global SUNE/TERP/GLBSUNEQ0.0503+0.2%The Ox654    Sunday2
Aurcana Corporation - AUN.VAUNFF0.4209-2.3% 234    September 22
Canadian Warrants Only 21855    September 19
PAW - Pacific Wildcat Resources CorpPAWRocket Red3031    September 19
Great Basin Gold GBG.VSE (merger of Pacific Sentinel Gold)GBG 317    September 16
Sandstorm GoldSAND5.03-0.4%TheSlowLane958    September 16
Dynasty Metals & Mining IncDMM0.245+4.3%TheSlowLane1833    September 16
Canada Carbon CCB-VCCB0.275-6.8%stuffbug1808    September 14
NiocorpNIOBF0.6149+0.8%Paul Lee6    September 12
CoalBroken_Clock805    September 2
ChevronTexaco CorporationCVX102.92+1.6% 21    September 1
IMPACT Silver (IPT.V)IPTTheSlowLane157    August 29
Chesapeake Gold (CKG.V)CKGTheSlowLane7764    August 26
Sarissa ShareholdersSRSR0.0080.0%sense101    August 25
Kootenay SilverKTNmarcos683    August 12
Minera IRL (IRL.TO)IRLTheSlowLane369    August 12
Omni-Lite Industries (OML)OML1.780.0% 78    August 12
CELTF Centamine PLC Mining & ExplorationCELTF1.959+0.1%Savant19    August 10
Chevron CorporationCVX102.92+1.6% 18    August 8
Shale Natural Gas, Oil and NGLs and ESAESAjrhana6152    August 7
Silver Wheaton (SLW) (Bulls Board)SLW27.03-2.2%jmhollen105    August 4
Golden TriangleTUO0.26+6.1%klinker476    August 3
Axmin inc. (AXM.V)AXM.Vbaystock25    July 30
LyondellBasell Industries NV (LYB)LYB80.66+0.2%Savant92    July 29
Focus Ventures LTD (FCV.V)FCV 397    July 25
Solitario: Amaze-Zinc ValueXPL0.66-6.4%PamplonaTrader0    July 25
Verde PotashNPKTheSlowLane15643    July 21
What is ThoriumLTBR1.74-3.9% 865    July 11
JBII - The Secret Catalyst Turns Plastics into OilJBIIRawnoc691    July 8
NovaGold Resources Inc. (NG) -NYSE MKTNG5.60-1.9%Investor2114    July 5
Canadian Microcaps 817    June 30
CYPW - Cyclone Power Technologies (Bulls Board)CYPW0.0020.0%jmhollen21    June 8
cone midstream partnersCNNX18.10+0.6%robert b furman16    June 2
ZEN vs CCBZEN1.28-0.8%RuddyMongoose5985    May 31
New Carolin Gold Corp InformationLAD.VDJK17    May 27
Mineral Hill IndustriesMHI.Vdonpat6    May 13
Joshua Gold Resources (JSHG)JSHG0.05230.0%Zilyunz26    May 11
PIONEER NATURAL RES. (PXD)PXD185.65+0.2% 216    May 11
DUK: Duke Energy CorporationDUK80.04-0.3% 22    May 3
Ximen Mining XIM.VXIM0.1250.0%Baywall3    May 2
Platinum PRICE monitor--genesis Nov 2002 186    April 29
Newmarket GoldNMI.TOpstad608    April 29
Alaska Natural Gas PipelineSnowshoe568    April 23
Miller vs Albany ......... where the truth lies or the lie iNuclearCrystals69    April 16
88 Energy (LSE:88E) potential to deliver a high level of pro88Eminingoz0    April 16
BRE-X, Indonesia, Ashanti Goldfields, Strong Companies.BXMN 28366    April 14
News Flash On The Aim MarketLSEminingoz161    April 14
Crystallex (KRY)KRY 10836    April 11
Bourque Industries, Inc.BORK0.0085+6.3%d:oug27    April 11
Alter NRGANRGDTheSlowLane262    April 4

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