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2017 Stock Picking Contestdara506    January 11
2018 Stock Picking Contestdara154    last Thursday61
Alabama Graphite Company, Inc. ALPTheSlowLane46    10/14/2017
Almonty Industries Inc.AII0.5600.0%Sultan492    last Wednesday21
Anadarko Petroleum CpAPC59.180.0% 129    12/22/2017
Applied Minerals formerly Atlas miningAMNL0.10000.0% 3    February 1
BGMRocket Red105    January 13
Big Dog's Boom Boom RoomBig Dog198159    Saturday31
Bio-Fuels: The Case for Micro-AlgaeNONEHawkmoon121    9/30/2017
Bismuth (Bi) mining and exploration Stocks 1    8/30/20171
BP p.l.c.BP39.620.0%Qualified Opinion101    January 25
BRE-X, Indonesia, Ashanti Goldfields, Strong Companies.BXMN 28368    10/1/20171
CA power crisis 134    last Tuesday2
Canada Carbon CCB-VCCB0.06000.0%stuffbug1855    February 1
Canada Lithium (CLQ.TO)Boolish120    10/17/20171
Canada StockWatch CSW 354    9/11/20171
Canadian Diamond Play CafiMadDogMike15300    8 hours ago57
Canadian Oil & Gas CompaniesLoneClone23818    last Wednesday4
Canadian Warrants Only 22051    Saturday4
CCB vs ZEN truth boardZEN0.6900.0%Zengold11573    Saturday346
Chesapeake Energy CHKCHK2.7300.0% 725    11/2/20171
Chesapeake GoldCKG3.1200.0%klinker8018    February 9
Chesapeake Gold (CKG.V)CKGTheSlowLane7775    12/15/2017
ChevronTexaco CorporationCVX112.140.0% 29    February 1
CoalBroken_Clock849    February 8
cone midstream partnersCNXM19.100.0%robert b furman17    January 12
Copper Fox"& MORE"louel10511    February 8
Copper Mountain Mining Corporation (CUM.TO) -TorontoCPPMF1.0500.0%E_K_S47    11/20/2017
Core Gold IncCGLD0.2950.0%pstad601902    February 1
Cosigo Resources symbol CSG.vCSG.V3bar716    10/14/2017
Electron Energy StoragenewEric1    January 221
Exxon Mobil (XOM)XOM76.540.0% 459    February 8
fintech GlintHerbVic1    11/30/20171
Five Star Diamonds LtdSTAR0.2250.0%Erie7    10/15/2017
Focus Ventures LTD (FCV.V)FCV 413    last Tuesday1
Gold & Gold Stock AnalysisGLD127.960.0%Kirk ©29545    12/17/2017
Gold and Silver Juniors, Mid-tiers and ProducersLoneClone76321    last Tuesday53
Gold Price MonitorGDXJ32.510.0%Rarebird107882    15 minutes ago1278
Gold Rush: NevadaTheSlowLane1244    Saturday3
Golden TriangleTUO0.1800.0%klinker490    January 221
GoldQuest Mining Corp gqc.vmarcos156    January 30
Gran Colombia Resources Inc (TSE.GRM)GRM1.4800.0% 307    February 11
Great Lakes GraphiteGLK0.04500.0%DeMauroTrader514    February 2
HHS.C - Hi Ho Silver Resources Inc.newHHS0.07000.0%JRod771    January 251
Inventus Mining Corp - IVSGNGXF0.1800.0%StemuliteWorks533    Saturday1
JBII - The Secret Catalyst Turns Plastics into OilJBIIRawnoc697    January 9
KFG Resources Ltd. (KFG-CA & KFGRF-US)KFG0.04000.0%JRod7734    January 9
KirklandLake/NewmarketKL14.860.0%PulpCutter28    12/28/20171
Kootenay SilverKTNmarcos724    last Thursday1
Le coin des prospecteursjpthoma125883    40 minutes ago23
Liberty Star Uranium and Metals Corp.LBSR0.001200.0%Valuepro1180    Saturday10
LithiumCondor1140    9/12/20171
McEwen MiningMUX2.2800.0%JW@KSC19079    6 minutes ago422
Minera IRL (IRL.TO)MIRL0.08500.0%TheSlowLane550    January 221
Mining News of NoteLoneClone125199    5 hours ago93
Nano One Materials Corp.NNO.Vdonpat20    January 9
NiocorpNIOBF0.5130.0%Paul Lee11    last Friday1
Northern Graphite iNC.NGC.VCIMA2    10/25/2017
One World Lithium CSE:OWLInewOWLI0.1400.0%DeplorableIrredeemableRedneck1    February 61
Orbite AluminaeORT0.2350.0%Rex Havoc6538    11/30/2017
PAW - Pacific Wildcat Resources CorpPAWRocket Red3165    February 5
PTC.V - Petrox Resources Corp.PTC.VJRod771    January 261
Rare Earth Elements and Exotic MetalsLoneClone13861    yesterday 281
Sandstorm GoldSAND4.8300.0%TheSlowLane1008    yesterday 1
Sarissa ResourcesSRSR0.003500.0%Kutosov1    8/28/20171
Sarissa Resources, Inc. (SRSR)SRSR0.003500.0%JPValas7609    last Wednesday1
Sarissa ShareholdersSRSR0.003500.0%sense103    9/20/2017
Schlumberger - The biggest/baddest oil service companySLB66.280.0% 210    10/30/20173
Silver Bull Resources, Inc.SVB0.2150.0%TheSlowLane5375    last Wednesday21
Sudbury Saturday Night -- Nickel Mining & Nickel PricesLoneClone6769    yesterday 3
Teuton ResourcesTUO0.1800.0% 207    9/11/2017
The Graphite BlogLLG1.8000.0%stuffbug1776    January 27
The Zenyatta Information BoardZEN0.6900.0%Glorieux15192    5 hours ago1005
Uranium StocksURA13.460.0%The Barracuda™17712    yesterday 72
US Steel - XX44.750.0% 3    8/25/2017
Verde AgritechNPKTheSlowLane15819    January 10
Westport InovationsWPRT3.0100.0%Keith O69    January 25
What is ThoriumLTBR1.4600.0% 866    January 241
Wind PowernewEric12    February 104
Yukon Gold Rush IITheSlowLane2289    last Wednesday2
ZEN vs CCBZEN0.6900.0%RuddyMongoose5987    February 62
Zenyatta Ventures Ltd. - ZEN.VZEN0.6900.0%Rocket Red8332    last Wednesday121
ZINC The base metal. News and Views. Symbol ZnDJCIIZT 3270    10/19/2017
Zonte Metals TSXV:ZONZON0.1700.0%Ron Struthers385    last Thursday6

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