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Qualcomm Moderated Thread - please read rules before postingQCOM62.88-2.4%slacker711133676    an hour ago1706
WDC, NAND, NVM, enterprise storage systems, etc.WDC72.63+1.3%Sam1294    an hour ago291
Wennerstrom Semi Equipment Analysis$SOX930.01+1.3%Donald Wennerstrom74707    an hour ago461
Apple Inc.AAPL120.00+0.2%clean86195980    4 hours ago921
Technology Stocks & Market Talk With Don WolanchukBID39.72-0.2%da_cheif™108460    4 hours ago898
Apple, Inc. UnmoderatedAAPL120.00+0.2% 7311    4 hours ago3
Netflix (NFLX)NFLX138.60+0.1% 1480    4 hours ago11
Tesla EVs - TSLATSLA244.73+0.4%Savant1400    4 hours ago233
GoogleGOOGL828.17+0.5%Urlman14596    5 hours ago33, Inc. (AMZN)AMZN808.33-0.1%Glenn Petersen162444    5 hours ago83
ASML Holding NVASML122.05+0.2% 2619    5 hours ago361
The Electric Car, or MPG "what me worry?"Eric3496    6 hours ago204
AMD, ARMH, INTC, NVDAAMD9.75-0.2%neolib17677    7 hours ago323
OLED Universal Display CorpOLED59.05+3.6%slacker7119514    7 AM582
Silicon Motion Inc. (SIMO)SIMO42.74+1.1%Elroy1577    yesterday 82
NFLX Moderated ThreadNFLX138.60+0.1%J.B.C.95    yesterday 5
Twitter, Inc.TWTR16.58-1.3%Glenn Petersen1041    yesterday 4
Research Frontiers (REFR)REFR1.98-1.0%aknahow19166    yesterday 283
Advanced Micro Devices - Moderated (AMD)AMD9.75-0.2%Elmer Phud275696    yesterday 111
Mellanox Technologies, Ltd.MLNX43.25+0.5%The Ox638    yesterday 11
New TechnologyFUBHO306    yesterday 3
InfineraINFN8.60+0.7%FUBHO2840    yesterday 20
The *NEW* Frank Coluccio Technology Forumftth45809    yesterday 4
Computer Buildinggoldworldnet390    yesterday 322
Kopin Corp. (KOPN)KOPN3.39-0.9% 1804    yesterday 1
KVH Industries, Inc.KVHI10.750.0%Walter P6751    yesterday 6
American Superconductor (AMSC)AMSC7.15-1.7% 835    yesterday 21
VeriFone Holdings, Inc. (PAY)PAY18.29-1.1%JakeStraw174    yesterday 21
TwilioTWLO28.38-0.6%JakeStraw17    yesterday 21
SWKS - Skyworks Solutions, Inc (was AHAA)SWKS88.67+13.0% 1647    yesterday 1
Ingenico S.AINGIY16.69+1.0%JakeStraw46    yesterday 2
Facebook, Inc.FB127.04-0.4%Glenn Petersen2541    yesterday 72
Drones and Autonomous VehiclesGlenn Petersen1222    Thursday3
Y10K CRISIS 1103    Thursday6
Sequans CommunicationsSQNS2.32+0.9%FUBHO702    Thursday151
8x8 (EGHT)EGHT15.75+0.6% 1912    Thursday1
Growth Investing 165    Thursday63
Nokia Corp. (NOK)NOK4.76+0.4%Eric L9214    Thursday101
NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA)NVDA104.01-1.1% 1454    Thursday83
Network SecurityDoren73    Thursday1
Check Point Software (CHKP)CHKP97.79+1.5% 7148    Thursday11
Media Industries: Newspapers, TV, Radio, Movies, OnlineSam Citron2156    Thursday7
Ciena (CIEN)CIEN24.04-0.1% 12590    Thursday2
Oracle Corporation (ORCL)ORCL39.87+1.7% 19054    Thursday1
Kinder Morgan Inc-(KMI) 11    Thursday1
LRAD - Long Range Acoustic DeviceLRAD1.74+3.0% 131    Wednesday1
ServiceNow, Inc.NOW83.40+0.8%JakeStraw19    Wednesday1
Mitek Systems (MITK)MITK6.45+0.8% 165    Wednesday1
Cohu, Inc. (COHU)COHU13.13-0.3% 6315    Wednesday2
Microvision (MVIS)MVIS1.22-3.2% 7519    Tuesday11
Off Topic (Every Day Technology) 1399    Tuesday1
MCHP: Microchip Technology Inc.MCHP66.93+1.9% 172    Tuesday1
ADOBE (adbe) opinionsADBE110.71+0.8% 3041    Tuesday1
Qualcomm Incorporated (QCOM)QCOM62.88-2.4%Quincy152404    Tuesday1
The New QUALCOMM - Coming Into Buy RangeQCOM62.88-2.4%manalagi8859    Tuesday2
Baidu (BIDU)BIDU173.44-1.5% 1777    Tuesday11
Blackhawk Network Holdings, Inc (HAWK)HAWK36.65+1.2%JakeStraw17    Tuesday1
3D PrintingDDD17.07+0.4%FUBHO680    Tuesday1
Gigoptix, Inc.GIG2.63+0.4%The Ox139    Tuesday1
Smartphones, Tablets, Wearables and GadgetsGOOG805.02+0.4%FUBHO2919    Tuesday9
PayPal Inc. - PYPLPYPL41.69+1.0% 79    Monday11
Driverless autos, trucks, taxis etc.newSam5    Monday57
WDC vs. SIMOSam21    Monday3
5G Wireless and the Internet of Things (IoT)Eric L5    Monday11
Investing in Exponential GrowthPaul H. Christiansen265    Monday83
Ford Motor CompanyF12.36-0.6%Savant46    Monday11
Activision....Returns!ATVI38.97+0.3% 1951    Monday11
SIMO BustersnewSIMO42.74+1.1%SiliconAlley17    Sunday171
SIRI: Sirius Satellite RadioSIRI4.590.0% 17    last Saturday1
Microsoft Corp. - Moderated (MSFT)MSFT62.74+0.7%Don Green18980    last Saturday2
Apple TankwatchAAPL120.00+0.2%zax32087    last Saturday
The New Arris Group Inc. (ARRS)ARRS29.33+0.2% 658    January 13
Sirius Satellite Radio (SIRI)SIRI4.590.0%Quincy8375    January 13
GrubHub Inc. (GRUB)GRUB39.40+0.1%JakeStraw29    January 13
Groupon, Inc.GRPN3.45-1.7% 457    January 13
SplunkSPLK53.78-0.1%LJM39    January 13
Trimble NavigationTRMB29.950.0% 3494    January 12
Alibaba Group Holding LimitedBABA96.06-0.1%Glenn Petersen456    January 11
Acacia CommunicationsACIA62.46-1.3%FUBHO8    January 112
Digimarc (DMRC)DMRC25.45-0.6% 177    January 11
Apps for Apple iOS and OSX devicesAAPL120.00+0.2% 837    January 10
To YAHOO! or not to?!YHOO42.05-0.1% 27259    January 10
FuelCell Energy - going greenFCEL1.70-2.9%Dwayne Hines200    January 102
FITBIT - tell us about your deviceFIT7.13+1.1%d[-_-]b39    January 10
TwitterTWTR16.58-1.3%Trader J56    January 10
Cognex - Looks undervalued...CGNX64.64-1.7% 493    January 10
FLYHT Aerospace Solutions Ltd.FLY.VSultan29    January 9
Smartphones: Symbian, Microsoft, RIM, Apple, and OthersEric L1647    January 9
Verizon Communications (VZ)VZ52.72+0.7% 1555    January 9
Applied Materials No-Politics Thread (AMAT)AMAT33.84+0.3% 25470    January 7
Sharing, Peer-to-Peer and On-Demand EconomiesGlenn Petersen524    January 7
Eastman Kodak Company (NYSE: KODK)KODK14.70-1.0% 461    January 7
Vuzix Corporation-VUZI-A Visionary Pick?VUZI6.50+1.6%richardred109    January 7
Cray, Inc. CRAYCRAY17.100.0%Jack Hartmann182    January 7
Citrix Systems (CTXS)CTXS92.99+0.4% 9064    January 6
Cloud computing (On-demand software and services)Glenn Petersen1372    January 6
Under Armour, Inc. (UA)UA25.16-0.4%JakeStraw52    January 5
Intel Corporation (INTC)INTC36.94+1.0% 186803    January 5
Sierra Wireless, Inc. (SWIR)SWIR15.80-0.6% 174    January 5
IBMIBM170.55+2.2% 8164    January 5
Salesforce.comCRM76.03+0.6% 141    January 4
AMETEK, Inc. (AME)AME50.81+0.3%JakeStraw30    January 4
NXP SemiconductorNXPI97.80-0.3%zax74    January 4
SynapticsSYNA54.61+2.5% 185    January 4
TencentnewTCEHY; TCTPaul Senior1    January 31
Tableau SoftwareDATA44.90+0.2%LJM38    January 3
Sensata Technologies Holding N.V. (ST)ST41.21+0.4%JakeStraw5    January 3
MobileyeMBLY42.63-1.6%franklin17    January 32
Xilinx (XLNX)XLNX58.03+0.1% 3289    January 3
Airgain (AIRG)AIRG17.31+11.0%JakeStraw11    January 31
Taiwan Semiconductors (TSMC) 23    12/30/20161
BTV.V - Bluerush Media GroupBTV.VJRod771    12/29/20161
Keysight TechnologiesKEYS36.16+1.2%Kirk ©9    12/29/2016
BBRY: BlackBerry (fka RIMM: Research in Motion)BBRY7.13+0.4%Eric L1069    12/29/2016
Parker Hannifin (PH) 2    12/29/20161
LED light bulbs and the manufacturing of themrobert b furman110    12/29/2016
Boeing keeps setting new highs! When will it split?BA159.53+0.3% 3274    12/27/2016
KMI- a fallen high dividend yielder - for how long?KMI22.49+0.1%robert b furman26    12/23/20162

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