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Specializing in:

10 Baggers
Low floats
Bounce plays that are down -50% or more intraday
Filing out after years of nothing
SOS site reinstatements
Occasional triple zero plays
News feed runners
Management change
abnormal volume alerts usually signifying preloading event

My strategy is simple and not to the norm. I buy stocks when no one wants them and HOLD. For example say a company has 4 filings or has recently reinstated. Most traders will flip out of these on day one for a couple of bucks and they wont even wait to see why the company even made the changes. I like to buy these kind cheap and will hold through the BS and wait for company updates. That is when the real money can be made with patience. There is no get-rich-quick secret to being successful at this. you can be a "daytrader," where you aim to earn a couple hundred per day, or you can do what i do-try to find stocks that are cheap, undervalued, and offer monsta potential, regardless of how long it takes for them to rise in value. I am not advocating holding a triple zero stock forever, but i have learned that the road to huge gains requires PATIENCE.

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