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This is the evolution board for those that actually would like to DISCUSS evolution & science. Polarized wacko's who's interest in evolution is only as one of their pet "boogie men" they like to blame as a cause of world's problems need not post. Nor do those those who pretend to to be interested in science to prove their pet preconceived notions without ability for discussion. Finally should the various "repetative cut and paste" morons with personal agendas or religious dogma but NO DESIRE OR ABILITY TO DISCUSS what they post will be banned. That said, ANYONE with an actual interest in science and evolution feel free to post interesting pieces and discuss a wide range of science!!


Further to the point of science, personal attacks (please read basic rules on logic, especially "assassination of character") on scientists, Darwin, Lamarck, or whoever should start threads about those people as we will deal with their SCIENCE here, not their character. That said, nothing is really off the table, including intelligent design, "EVO DEVO", "Darwinism", "LaMarckism", etc. etc. As people submit various interesting links and sources I will add them to the header if they want for people to enjoy:

Intelligent design explained:

The problem of the "modern synthesis":

“The scientists’ religious feeling takes the form of a rapturous amazement at the harmony of natural law, which reveals an intelligence of such superiority that, compared with it, all the systematic thinking and acting of human beings is an utterly insignificant reflection.”

- Albert Einstein

"Truth and beauty in the biological sciences"- great way to start:


"In the future, attention will undoubtedly be centered on the genome, with greater appreciation of it's significance as a highly sensitive organ
of the cell that monitors genomic activities and corrects common errors, senses unusual and unexpected events, and responds to them, often by restructuring the genome- Barbara McClintock's 1984 Nobel Prize speech.
Adaptive mutation:

Nature, 1988:


Non-random mutation:

"Jumping Genes", you cannot overemphasize McClintock's work:

Lynn who? No "Darwinists" here... symbiotic evolution:

Developmental Biology:

EVO DEVO Journal:

Other stuff:

Cell migration:

EVOLUTION HAPPENING TO FAST FOR YOU??? Wanna throw away "evolution" because you don't like ONE ASPECT? Wake up and smell coffee, there is no (one) "theory of evolution":


Just what IS "intelligence"?? Some really great stuff here:


"Intelligent Design": The roots and some important reading on the idea of design:


Biological fields???? Eye Candy courtesy of Tim Newman's lab at ASU:

Cell migration in chick embryo during early development.


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