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Worried? Sleepless? Bothered? Unhappy? Need a shoulder to cry on? Want to know how to do something, but were too embarrassed to ask?

Well, here we are!

Ask the Gits.

Sarkie, Sandintoes, and Carolyn have everything covered, from plumbing, proper etiquette, to personal advice. So ask away!

Everything is confidential. Guaranteed!

One of us is always on call. If you dont like what one says, ask another!

Disclaimer: we do not give investment advice, legal advice, or medical advice. If in doubt, call a professional. Take everything we say with a grain of salt. Alcohol may intensify this effect. Do not use while bathing. Not to be taken internally. Do not eat.

On the advice of our lawyer, THE WORLD FAMOUS MPH !!!! the following has been added. If you have a problem with that, shut up...the thread and the pop corn is free.

Use at your own risk. Advice is rendered "as is".
Warning: This thread can be highly addictive.
Do not mix advice with alcohol. Advice may cause drowsiness.
Do not ask for advice while operating
heavy machinery. Do not follow advice
while drinking and/or operating heavy machinery.
Advice will not cure baldness.
Advice should be taken only as directed.
Do not take advice without doctor's approval
if you are pregnant, nursing or under the age of 12.
If the advice requires use of a ladder,
read all warnings and don't stand on the
top step, stick the legs in mud, or place
the ladder atop a moving vehicle to gain
additional height. If the advice
suggests training wheels, use them. Do
not take advice while in the process of
applying make-up, driving car and using
cell phone. Do not stick stones up
your nose while reading advice as the same
may cause discomfort. Bleary eyes, headaches
and general malaise may result from reading
this thread for in excess of 3 hours
per sitting. If L. Long adds to the
advice given, ignore it.
No warranties, guarantees or
other promises, whether express or
implied, are made by virtue of any advice
having been given.
All advice takers
act at their own risk.
In other words, this thread is just like life.
And don't you forget it!

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