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EDIT..Oct 23, 2015:

I am hereby re-instating restrictions on short-term periods...wiggles..Once again, all presentations and analyses must be based on daily, weekly, or monthly charts.

EDIT...Sept 28,2009:

The restrictions on short-term time periods...wiggles...have been removed...All time periods are now permissible..including even 1 minute charts,,,provided that the presentations and analyses conform with the requirements of the thread header...

This is a place for folks with non-clown appeal (refers to both dogmatic permabulls AND permabears) to discuss the markets through e-wave and through other technical analysis. Bullish or bearish bias is natural but the thread will not tolerate such bias without solid technical substantiation. Such wind-blowing will result in a warning shot across the bow, while the second infraction will result in the boot!

While I will tolerate discussion of indicators, MA's and other mathematical voodoo-g, I would like to keep the focus on classic TA and e-wave. Sentiment analysis is always welcome.

It is encouraged that posters have a webspace to post charts rather than inundating the thread with cryptic text.

I recognize that we have a fairly bright and diverse group here who may want to discuss some of the funnymentals affecting the markets and economy. I request that kind of chatter be kept for after-hours.

Incorporating into the thread header full...Shack's "State of the Thread" of 2006:


This past week we saw some issues arise on THE THREAD regarding some comments made that this forum was losing its appeal by shifting away from hard E-wave analysis. Notwithstanding THE sarcastic way that this concern was approached, there was some agreement with THE poster and some vehement opposition. Rather than focus on THE manner in which THE topic was broached, I would sooner talk about THE point which was trying to be made and whether or not it is valid. I'm hungover so I apologize if THE text is rambling and disjointed.-g/ng

I think one OF THE issues in this case may very well lie in THE thread's title. It is indeed a misnomer as while e-wave remains a good chunk OF what I want this THREAD to focus on, it is not exclusively an e-wave workspace. I will ask SI Bob to alter THE title slightly. Any suggestions? THE "Clown-Free" moniker will remain however.

THE THREAD header however does still provide an accurate description OF where I want this THREAD to go and anyone who is posting here should be familiar with it and respect it! THE question then arises, has THE THREAD succeeded in living up to its description and intent? I have been much scarcer than in past years so I have not been able to monitor THE content as well as I have liked. But from what I have read in THE past few months I think THE answer is yes, with some concerns.

In a nutshell here are THE key elements OF my "vision" for THE THREAD.

*E-Wave Analysis
*Classic TA Analysis
*Sentiment Analysis
*Accompanying charts to illustrate

All these elements can still be found on this THREAD but certainly THE clutter OF FA crapola, non-analytical posts and general noise is making it harder to find. This is an ongoing issue and I too wish that this be kept to after-hours, I find wayyyyy too much OF this has crept back into THE "working hours" OF this THREAD. I do not mind THE THREAD being used for dialogue about things such as fed moves, inflation-deflation debates, earnings/industry analysis, oil prices etc... I enjoy much OF this banter as we have some smart folks around here. Save it for after hours. I do not "crack THE whip" as much as AA used to, but I promise you I will be making efforts to be more diligent here.

However I do not want any OF this ancillary stuff being used to predict market any time! It is not relevant to trading and we have IMO seen huge evidence OF this time and time again. If I had told this THREAD in 2003 that crude oil prices were about to triple over THE next couple OF years and THE SPX would rally to 5 year highs concurrently you all would have thought me nutso! Point made...Charts! Charts! Charts!....that's all that matters for THE purposes OF this THREAD.

It also occurs to me that there are still only a handful OF posters here who are posting charts with analysis. I myself have been negligent in my chart-posting so there is nothing I can say except we need to do better here. And just mentioning some stock that is moving and posting a link to Stockcharts is not sufficient. That is useless to me and everyone. Basically, have a point!....or say nothing.

Now back to THE crux OF THE poster's specific concerns which is in regards to THE lack OF "exclusive" E-wave analysis on this THREAD. That is not what I want this THREAD to be so this may indeed be THE wrong THREAD for said poster. We have a wide variety OF proficiencies on this THREAD and each poster brings his or her own techniques and contributions. I do not want that to change, it is THE strength OF THE THREAD. However THE focus as mentioned in THE THREAD header is Classic TA and E-wave. Posts should be geared to these two elements and all posters should be proficient in THE use OF both. Support, resistance, channels, wedges, breakouts, breakdowns, impulses, corrections....these are THE topics that almost every post should include.

One point which was raised was that THE reason for THE drop off in wave analysis on THE THREAD is that in THE time frames in which we trade there has been very little to say for some time with regards to THE broad indices. I think that is true. THE bull trend is still in place, effectively now in its 4th year as measured by THE $WLSH. Heck, THE $NYA continues to make new ATH's! Point being that there has not been much variance from day-to-day except in THE smaller time frames. In addition it was brought up that once a long-term set-up is posted on a chart, index or stock, subsequent posts may only refer back to that set-up which has been long posted. I think that is also true. However both OF these factors may be leading to some stagnation on THE THREAD, it is here I agree with that poster's implications. As such, and I have to be careful here, I would like to encourage shorter term plays to be posted here. No one-minute charts!!!-ng But a set-up on a 30-min chart would be great, no lower. I think adding this element may re-energize THE THREAD somewhat and lead to more set-ups being posted.

An element which has been weeded out almost entirely are those dogmatic permabull/permabear posts (where is Fuddle anyways?-g). It doesn't mean that there aren't biases. Trust me, I am more than aware OF who is inherently bearish or bullish here. But overall I don't see these biases creeping into anyone's analysis. Kudos!....This is THE very definition OF "Clown-Free".

THE reason this THREAD has been so successful is that I simply won't allow any disrespectful posters. Trust me, I have read a gazillion boards and when that chit creeps in it becomes a nightmare for all! We all get along here even if we have some "professional differences" . While THE post which started this debate falls into THE disrespectful category IMO (and I addressed this with him), I know for a fact that this individual was not trying to be offensive nor would I classify him as a disrespectful poster in general. But THE post was very out OF character for this THREAD which is why it raised so much contention. I encourage all on this board to let THE matter rest, I consider him a valuable poster and there is no need to bear a grudge.

Lastly, all these "rules" should not preclude some regular social banter, even during market hours. Not every single post needs to be about THE market. No way I'm going to go without THE wit that has kept THE THREAD entertaining. Keep it fun, keep it light. We are here to make coin but also help to mitigate THE boredom which comes from sitting in one's underwear, eating Pringles and watching a 30-minute candle take shape!-vbg

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