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Apple Inc.AAPL102.47+2.7%clean86176194    59 minutes ago2948
Technology Stocks & Market Talk With Don WolanchukQQQ96.87+2.6%da_cheif™93952    43 minutes ago26214
Wennerstrom Semi Equipment AnalysisDonald Wennerstrom66226    4 hours ago1244
AMD, ARMH, INTC, NVDAAMD2.77+3.7%neolib12527    an hour ago1041
Apple, Inc. UnmoderatedAAPL102.47+2.7% 4444    an hour ago101
SanDisk Corporation (SNDK)SNDK88.63+5.0%clean8658179    9 hours ago70
Apple TankwatchAAPL102.47+2.7%zax30016    an hour ago541
Qualcomm Moderated Thread - please read rules before postingQCOM75.00+2.4%slacker711122553    an hour ago484
Game Changers and Market MoversPaul H. Christiansen586    10 AM433
Research Frontiers (REFR)REFR4.90-1.6% 10507    4 hours ago312
The *NEW* Frank Coluccio Technology Forumftth44289    yesterday 30
Advanced Micro Devices - Moderated (AMD)AMD2.77+3.7%Elmer Phud273464    5 hours ago22
Netflix (NFLX)NFLX365.99+1.9% 1073    last Friday172
GT Advanced Technologies Inc.GTAT0.43730.0%The Ox69    47 minutes ago127
InfineraINFN10.83+2.5%FUBHO1171    6 hours ago121
Microsoft Corp. - Moderated (MSFT)MSFT44.88+1.8%Don Green18715    4 hours ago11
The Electric Car, or MPG "what me worry?"Eric2568    last Friday101
GoogleGOOGL538.03+1.1%Urlman14039    an hour ago9
OLED Universal Display CorpOLED31.20+3.8%slacker7113881    3 hours ago91
Facebook, Inc.FB78.69+2.3%Glenn Petersen1789    8 hours ago82
Sharing, Peer-to-Peer and Marketplace EconomiesGlenn Petersen208    1 AM81
Smartphones, Tablets, Wearables and GadgetsGOOG526.54+1.1%FUBHO2796    yesterday 7
Alibaba Group Holding LimitedBABA90.90+3.0%Glenn Petersen157    6 hours ago6
Hewlett-Packard (HPQ)HPQ34.74+2.7%Lynn4266    yesterday 64
ARM Holdings (Advanced RISC Machines) plc.ARMH39.57-4.8% 907    7 hours ago5
KVH Industries, Inc.KVHI12.18+1.3% 6286    10 AM5
Globalstar Telecommunications Limited GSATGSAT2.26-1.3% 29401    last Saturday5
Robots Will Do Everything Soon...GOOG526.54+1.1%FUBHO172    12 PM4
Microsoft: The Devices and Consumer SegmentMSFT44.88+1.8%Eric L126    11 AM4
BBRY: BlackBerry (fka RIMM: Research in Motion)BBRY10.15-1.5%Eric L778    yesterday 4
Media Industries: Newspapers, TV, Radio, Movies, OnlineSam Citron1830    last Saturday4
Manhattan Scientific....MHTXMHTX0.125+4.2% 730    last Wednesday42
Tesla EVs - TSLATSLA235.34+2.1%Savant454    an hour ago31
New TechnologyFUBHO235    an hour ago3, Inc. (AMZN)AMZN315.33+3.0% 161679    1 PM3
Digital Ally Inc. - DGLYDGLY12.99-1.1%caly489    9 AM31
Apple 3.0AAPL102.47+2.7%spitsong114    1 AM3
Y10K CRISIS 793    yesterday 3
Microvision (MVIS)MVIS1.83+1.1% 7409    last Wednesday3
audiocodes ltd. (AUDC)AUDC4.45+0.5% 220    last Wednesday31
Silicon Motion Inc. (SIMO)SIMO25.56+5.0% 629    last Wednesday3
The New Arris Group Inc. (ARRS)ARRS26.14+4.2% 614    last Wednesday3
VMware, Inc. (VMW)VMW88.19+0.6% 288    3 hours ago2
Sequans CommunicationsSQNS1.61-2.4%FUBHO198    1 PM21
IBMIBM163.23-3.5% 8146    yesterday 21
Allot Communications Ltd (ALLT)ALLT10.58+1.3%JakeStraw78    yesterday 2
Smartphones: Symbian, Microsoft, RIM, Apple, and OthersEric L1644    last Saturday2
Nimble StorageNMBL24.97+1.1%JakeStraw14    last Friday21
Salesforce.comCRM57.24+2.2% 65    last Thursday2
ASML Holding NVASML93.56+1.1% 1833    last Wednesday2
Alcatel LucentALU2.52+4.6% 20    last Wednesday21
Semi-Equips - Buy when BLOOD is running in the streets!LRCX73.20+2.6% 10920    last Tuesday21
Cree Inc.CREE33.15+0.8% 9683    5 hours ago12
Twitter, Inc.TWTR50.63-0.1%Glenn Petersen492    6 hours ago1
Applied Materials No-Politics Thread (AMAT)AMAT20.78+3.5% 25363    11 AM1
Baidu (BIDU)BIDU222.35+2.6% 1742    yesterday 1
Texas Instruments - Good buy now or should we wait?TXN46.77+5.3% 6167    yesterday 1
Cloud computing (On-demand software and services)Glenn Petersen1222    yesterday 1
Vitesse SemiconductorVTSS2.96+6.1% 4702    yesterday 1
Ingenico S.AINGIY19.07+0.7%JakeStraw20    yesterday 1
Nokia Corp. (NOK)NOK8.17+3.5%Eric L9172    last Friday1
Quantum Fuel Sys (NAS.GM: QTWW)QTWW4.10+0.5% 211    last Friday11
Nuance Communications, Inc.NUAN14.91+0.5% 799    last Friday1
FleetCor Technologies (FLT)FLT136.54+2.6%JakeStraw9    last Thursday1
Amaya Gaming Group Inc.AMYGF28.38+9.2%JakeStraw3    last Thursday1
Sierra Wireless, Inc. (SWIR)SWIR26.79+2.5% 134    last Thursday1
ANSS - AnsysANSS75.87+2.4% 76    last Thursday1
Oracle Corporation (ORCL)ORCL38.35+1.5% 19034    last Wednesday1
What about old Time WarnerTWX77.22-0.6% 102    last Wednesday11
F5 Networks, Inc. (FFIV)FFIV116.61+3.3% 1774    last Wednesday1
Qualcomm Incorporated (QCOM)QCOM75.00+2.4%Quincy152359    last Wednesday1
Digimarc (DMRC)DMRC24.81+2.4% 160    last Wednesday12
Verint Systems Inc.VRNT54.27+0.4%swivel-eyed loon16    last Wednesday1
FuelCell Energy - going greenFCEL1.77-3.8%Dwayne Hines129    last Tuesday1
Off Topic (Every Day Technology) 1301    last Tuesday
Drones and Driverless VehiclesGlenn Petersen414    last Tuesday
SWKS - Skyworks Solutions, Inc (was AHAA)SWKS54.70+5.5% 1631    last Tuesday
SWI SkyworksSWI41.86+2.0%Savant26    last Tuesday
Cohu, Inc. (COHU)COHU10.84+1.4% 5600    last Tuesday
PAMT - Parametric Sound CorporationHEAR5.82-1.4%Savant157    last Tuesday
8x8 (EGHT)EGHT6.86-1.2% 1861    last Tuesday
MGNX -- MacroGenicsMGNX19.28+1.5%scaram(o)uche25    last Tuesday
SplunkSPLK58.32+4.3%LJM17    last Tuesday
STM - SGS-Thomson (MPEG II)STM6.93+2.5% 403    last Tuesday
3D PrintingDDD43.38+3.1%FUBHO548    October 13
Yandex N.V.YNDX27.42+3.8%zax66    October 13
EZchip SemiconductorEZCH21.50+0.8% 1359    October 131
Brooks AutomationBRKS10.93+2.5% 914    October 13
Full Disclosure Trading$SOX605.25+3.6%Jerome12983    October 13
ShutterflySFLY42.83+1.1%Done, gone.80    October 131
Blank Check IPOs (SPACS)SPACSGlenn Petersen2601    October 10
VeecoVECO33.29+1.3%robert b furman5    October 101
LRAD - Long Range Acoustic DeviceLRAD2.625+2.5% 103    October 101
Glu Mobile, Inc. (GLUU)GLUU4.52+2.0%JakeStraw39    October 10
Finisar - FNSRFNSR15.95+0.1% 437    October 10
Valence Technology- How low can it go? (VLNC)VLNCMGV29    October 9
Activision....Returns!ATVI19.24+2.0% 1947    October 9
RFID and NFC Technologies 1647    October 9
E*TRADE IPO Alert - Y2K and Beyond (EGRP)ET15.010.0% 10270    October 91
Mavenir Systems, Inc (MVNR)MVNR11.03+4.5%JakeStraw11    October 9
Gemalto N.V.GTOMY38.82+2.5%JakeStraw32    October 9
VeriFone Holdings, Inc. (PAY)PAY33.47+5.1%JakeStraw142    October 91
Cisco Systems, Inc. (CSCO)CSCO23.51+2.5%Lynn77266    October 8
LED light bulbs and the manufacturing of themrobert b furman52    October 82
Intuit -- What's Its Future?INTU83.37+2.9% 1541    October 81 (STMP)STMP33.93+1.2% 1154    October 82
Seagate TechnologySTX55.21+2.5% 7826    October 8
AT&TT34.62+1.0% 4181    October 8
Arrowhead ResarchARWR6.80+3.5%mikehunt2163    October 82
GrubHub Inc. (GRUB)GRUB36.95+0.2%JakeStraw6    October 8
RenrenRENN3.30+0.3%zax309    October 8
Cyan Inc., Software Defined Networking and Network FunctionCYNI3.110.0%FUBHO5    October 8
Akamai (AKAM)AKAM55.01+1.9% 679    October 8
Westport InovationsWPRT6.18+3.0%Keith O33    October 71
MVISnewMVIS1.83+1.1%TREND111    October 74
DTS, Inc (DTSI)DTSI29.10+4.8%JakeStraw5    October 7
GoPro - Be A HeroGPRO80.92+6.5%FUBHO74    October 66
LinkedIn CorporationLNKD205.38+3.5% 228    October 6
SynchronossSNCR45.56+2.0%JakeStraw5    October 6
Internet Guru Discussion 4337    October 41
To YAHOO! or not to?!YHOO40.18+2.3% 27141    October 32
Groupon, Inc.GRPN6.22+0.2% 424    October 2
Liberty Media Corporation - LMC.A and LMC.B 61    October 21
FEYEFEYE30.16+1.9%Guy Gadois11    October 21
Autodesk (ADSK), sales now increasing!ADSK52.80+1.9% 177    October 2
InvenSense (INVN)INVN21.36+1.1%brokenst0nes306    October 13
AZZ: AZZ incorporatedAZZ44.25+3.2% 76    October 1
eBay - Superb Internet Business ModelEBAY50.86+3.4% 7742    October 11
News Corp. - NWS 34    September 301
Palo Alto Networks, Inc.newPANW104.68+3.8%JakeStraw2    September 301
Rovi Corporation (ROVI)ROVI19.97+3.4%JakeStraw141    September 30
Wi-LAN Inc. (T.WIN)WILN3.17+1.9%nicmar16774    September 29
Gridline Communicationscamber110    September 26
America On-Line (AOL)AOL40.73+0.6% 41366    September 26
LVLT - Level 3 Communications (L3)LVLT42.21+2.0% 3867    September 25
Motorola (MOT)MOTJakeStraw3432    September 25
Stratasys (SSYS)SSYS119.98+2.3% 297    September 23
Top Image Systems Ltd. (TISA)TISA3.98+2.1% 427    September 23
On Track Innovations Ltd. (OTIV)OTIV2.35+8.3%JakeStraw66    September 231
EMC How high can it go?EMC27.20+0.9% 17179    September 231
Amber Road (AMBR)AMBR14.47+0.4%JakeStraw7    September 22
Jimbo's Playhouse/CPQ 12633    September 22
AlteraALTR33.71+2.1% 2382    September 221

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